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Looking for a free app to check discounted offers every day? Get the Smartly Biz app now.

  1. What is the Smartly Biz app?
  2. What are the Exclusive Features?
  3. What’s New?
  4. How to Use the App?


What is the Smartly Biz App?

Smartly Biz is the all-in-one app to learn about discounted offers from nearby stores before anyone else. If you are looking for slashing deals and discounts to eat at the most scrumptious restaurants or buy from brands and save money then download the Smartly Biz app today. From offering the best-discounted offers of all the top brands in Karachi to helping you buy expensive clothes at economical prices, this app is perfect for shopping on a budget. By using the Smartly Biz app for free, you can subscribe to many nearby stores and shopping malls now to avail their weekly offers and buy things regularly at a huge discount.


What are the Exclusive Features?

  • An incredible app to learn about new discounts and exciting offers on your favorite products
  • Easy access to a wide range of deals on your favorite shopping stores and nearby malls
  • Avail slashing offers on grocery items every month and save money
  • Choose a favorite category and get notified every time a brand new deal is launched
  • Subscribe to your nearby stores by swiping right
  • Contact the vendors directly via messages to ask further details about online deals
  • Get notifications of several offers from nearby stores
  • Save more money every week on groceries, clothes, shoes, or other related personal items


What’s New?

  • Be the first person to know about slashing offers from a wide range of outlets nearby and get the chance to buy high-end products at reasonable prices
  • Cut down your overall budget and purchase more products for the price of one
  • Easy-to-use features for anyone


How to Use the App?

Download the Smartly Biz today from the Google Play Store for free and register yourself using your Gmail account.

  1. Log in to the Smartly Biz app using your Gmail address
  2. Click the icon on the bottom right corner to select nearby stores
  3. Swipe right and press the follow button to subscribe to your favorite store
  4. Learn about new and discounted deals

To get more information, check our official website http://smartlybiz.com/.

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