5 Wonderful Gift Ideas for this Eid

Eid is the best holy occasion and favorite part of the year for Muslims. On the day of Eid, people wear new clothes, gather in the congregation to offer special prayers, have lots of tempting food, and visit our friends and family to convey greetings. Exchanging Eid gifts are also common. Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha are the only two celebrations that are prescribed to a Muslim. That means that Eid to Muslims is birthdays, anniversaries, and all the other common gift-giving holidays bundled up in one. Gift giving traditions for Eid-al-Fitr around the world are pretty universal. Here is a list of a few traditional Eid gifts that you can give. Maybe you can even get a few ideas if you’re wondering what to get your family or friends.

1. Money

Giving money to the younger adults or kids is the most common world gift giving custom for Eid, and some of the fondest memories most of us have from the Eid celebrations of our childhoods. As a growing adult, you might still remember visiting all of your relatives, neighbors and friends to collect Eidi. Some kids even use special purses just to collect Eid money.

2. Clothes

Giving new clothes as Eid gifts is another common concept even if the styles and designs of the clothing may differ from place to place. In Asian and other south-Asian countries, the women wear traditional outfits that are adorned with beads and lots of jewelry. While in other Muslim-majority countries, men wear the traditional thobe or thawb. Women in Malaysia wear the traditional baju kurung, while their men wear baju melayu. A scarf or shawl is universally a safe bet when it comes to gifting clothes to Muslim women, and the same can be said for a nice t-shirt for men.

3. Accessories

Younger Muslims who are considered too old to be given Eidi or toys, often get a few accessories like jewelry, watches, perfume, and handbags.

4. Food

Food plays a major role in Eid-al-Fitr traditions around the world regardless of the country you are from. The Eid festivities are one of the most highly-anticipated parts of Eid. Besides the above-mentioned ideas, food is also a really great Eid gift that many people give. Some people prepare homemade sweets or delicious snacks to serve guests, or they buy chocolates, dried fruit, and other food that they give out to friends, family, and neighbors. Inviting close friends and family for lunch or dinner at people’s houses is also another Eid-al-Fitr tradition around the world.

5. Holy books

Buying a brand-new Quran can be given as Eid gifts that are considered more valuable than any other presents that anyone could give or receive. Giving the Quran as a gift can reap benefits for both parties long after the celebrations are over. Although, these are more commonly given as gifts to elder members of the family, children will also benefit from them greatly. For instance, children are usually presented with brand new Qur’ans as a prize for fasting or for being good Muslims throughout Ramadan.

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