5 Incredible Ways to Promote Mobile Applications

When it comes to launching a new mobile application, the creators should spend more time promoting it than developing the app. If you spend a few weeks building the mobile application, then work aggressively for a few months to promote it. Promoting the content every day can help you get more number of downloads. The most important step is to advertise the app on multiple social media platforms, word-of-mouth referrals, and promoting it in the best way possible. Here are six tried-and-tested ways to achieve more followers and daily downloads.

1. Ask Help from Influencers

To advertise the app, going out of the area of expertise can also help the company reach out to more people. By building a long-lasting relationship with popular influencers, the company can market its new applications to a huge audience easily. Social media influencers can help the companies boost the buying processes and decisions related to the engagement of a specific group of people. Find a few influencers that truly values the company rather than paying a hefty amount to other influencers. The viewers will abruptly understand the companies are paying the influencers to market their apps.

2. Feature the App in a Blog

Try including the app in the blog section as well as on the main website. This is one of the best promotional strategies to leverage. Whether you are including a few details about the app or dedicating an entire blog on the mobile app, featuring it in the blog content is essential. When it comes to creating an article solely about the app, create user guides and write every detail about it. Explain how the application can help the users and describe many extra benefits.

3. Reach out to Potential Customers

Advertising the mobile application before launching it can help you connect with a large audience. Get in touch with the customers and ask their suggestions before the development team start building the app. Connect with your previous customers and those who have signed up for the newsletter. If you are asking the customers for help, give them something in return. Offer the customers a special discount or free products in exchange for their time. Ask the customers questions related to the app to learn about the customer’s expectations and the gaps you need to fill. The companies are promoting the app by keeping the customers updated about it.

4. Optimize the Mobile Website

The website can be regarded as one of the greatest ways to promote the app. The potential customers can find a way to learn about the new app especially those who are interested in the company. Create a specific section to promote mobile applications where the customers can get regular details about the app. If you don’t want to dedicate inner pages or particular sections of the website, then create pop-up pages for a simple reminder.

5. Include the App Details in the Newsletter

Before launching the app, it should be included in the email newsletter as well. The business owner should send numerous emails and include the app to remind the customers. Mention the app in the footer whether the email is related to the payment confirmation or from the support team. Include specific details about the things that can be accomplished by using the app and a visible link redirecting the customers to a landing page.

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