5 Mouth-Watering Recipes to Try at Home in July

Many people don’t prefer going outside even on weekends and enjoy home-cooked meals instead. Some people binge on their favorite Netflix shows, while others read books or listen to podcasts. If you are not in the mood of going out and looking to spend some time at home, try one of these recipes at home. From mouth-watering desserts to tempting meals, we have shared five of the best dishes you can easily try at home.

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1. Paella

It is named after the hollow vessel it is cooked in, Paella can be a perfect dinner meal for two people or a larger group. This incredibly delicious rice dish originates from Spain and is super fun to eat at dinner. However, it has a never-ending list of ingredients ranging from vegetables, sausages, meat, seafood, and more. By making some necessary tweaks, anyone can prepare this foreign recipe at home under two hours. An easy recipe creates vibrant flavors by cooking all the ingredients in the pan.

2. Parmesan Garlic Mushroom Chicken

This sizzling creamy skillet meal can keep you just as warm while giving you something appetizing to chew on. What’s so great about this dish is that you can cook every ingredient in the same skillet, cutting down the number of dishes you have to wash. If it deems appropriate, add some spinach to the garlicky, buttery mixture to get your veggies in, all in one dish. Serve it over pasta, and you’ll have yourself a winning family recipe.

3. Chickpea Curry

For those who are busy during weeknights, this ‘set it and forget it’ type of dish will give you the time to finish your other tasks around the house while it’s cooking. It shouts no multitasking! This meatless curry is also amazing if you’re trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into your weekly rotation. Savor this full-bodied, protein-packed dish with a side of rice or quinoa, and then freeze leftovers (if there are any!) for when you’re really in a pinch.

4. Alfredo Penne Bake

If you are in love with pasta but are always looking for a nutritious option, get ready for a healthy alternative filled with wintery comfort. This recipe uses whole-wheat pasta, which is carefully tossed with a creamy cauliflower sauce and baked under a blanket of sizzling cheese. Are you feeling hungry yet?

5. Classic Beef Stew

Our amazing list of delightful recipes wouldn’t be complete without this classic. There’s something divine about a beef stew that brings so much comfort on tiresome nights. Maybe it’s the nice aroma of the hearty vegetables, spices, and beef mingling in perfect harmony. All you’ll need to make this easy recipe is a sharp knife, a heavy pot, and patience. It will smell so good that you won’t want to wait!

Add these remarkable recipes to your meal rotation, and take advantage of the season to enjoy all the comfort foods you love. Don’t know where to buy the ingredients from? Check your Smartly Biz app to plan around this week’s sales.


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